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Collaborative divorce lawyers are lawyers who understand the dynamics that families experience when they face a transition in their relationship or family. Their goal is to support you with legal information and advice, and work with you, your spouse and the other professionals in the Process to find a resolution that meets the needs of you and your spouse. The Collaborative divorce lawyers will model respectful communication, guide you through gathering information, exploring options, and finding a combination of those options that work best for you and your family. The professionals work as a team, preparing together in advance of the Team meetings with clients, to make sure that the Team meetings with clients are as successful as they can be. Rather than approaching discussions from a position, or advocating for their client in an adversarial way, the lawyers share information and discuss the options openly and transparently, together with the clients. In this way, the agreements reached are thorough, well-reasoned, and durable.

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Bev Churchill, , LLB

Collaborative Lawyer and Mediator
Work 210 – 347 Leon Avenue Kelowna BC V1Y 8C7 Canada Work Phone: 250-763-7333 Website:


Let’s work together to create a positive resolution in your separation and divorce.

I have been practicing in the area of family law since 1986. I am married to a Chartered Accountant and have two children, a son, born in 1993 and a daughter, born in 1996.

During the first 14 years of my family law career, I spent about 50% of my working days in Court. I completed the Family Law Mediation training in 1998, Collaborative Family Law training in 2001, an update in Collaborative Family Law training in 2003 and further Collaborative training in 2010 and since then spent less than 5 % of my time in Court. I am pleased and proud of that fact. I believe it to be an accomplishment.

I am now committed to a practice that is completely settlement oriented and I wish to avoid putting my clients through the stress, expense and uncertainty of Court determined results.

Over the years I have worked with clients to assist in the resolution of disputes for long term results. I have seen a huge variety of ways in which couples have chosen, with the assistance of their lawyer, to resolve their outstanding matrimonial issues.

I am very excited to be a part of an approach that can assist a couple in turning a potentially negative event in a family’s life into a more respectful and positive situation for all involved, particularly, for children. To me, the couple needs to understand what impact their choice of an approach for resolving their outstanding issues can have on their family and their children, now, and in the future.

I strive to work together with my client to address the issues, interests and concerns and what is most important to the client. It is the client who knows their family circumstances best, but it is the team of lawyer and client that I believe is critical for the development of an approach and a plan for the resolution of those issues, interests and concerns by incorporating, as much as possible, what is important for all members of the family.

Let’s work together to create a positive resolution in your separation and divorce.

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210 – 347 Leon Avenue Kelowna BC V1Y 8C7 Canada