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Collaborative divorce lawyers are lawyers who understand the dynamics that families experience when they face a transition in their relationship or family. Their goal is to support you with legal information and advice, and work with you, your spouse and the other professionals in the Process to find a resolution that meets the needs of you and your spouse. The Collaborative divorce lawyers will model respectful communication, guide you through gathering information, exploring options, and finding a combination of those options that work best for you and your family. The professionals work as a team, preparing together in advance of the Team meetings with clients, to make sure that the Team meetings with clients are as successful as they can be. Rather than approaching discussions from a position, or advocating for their client in an adversarial way, the lawyers share information and discuss the options openly and transparently, together with the clients. In this way, the agreements reached are thorough, well-reasoned, and durable.

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Patrick Gaffney

Family Lawyer
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Patrick has recently arrived from Newmarket, Ontario, to practice in Pushor Mitchell’s Family Law Group as an Associate Counsel.  Patrick hails from the West being born and raised in Penticton, and Calgary.  He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, and his Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Calgary.  In 1996 he became a lawyer in Prince George, and in 2001 a lawyer in Ontario.

His practice has been restricted to Family Law, and he helps separating families deal with issues of parenting, support, and property and debt division.  Although understanding court is sometimes a necessity, he believes most cases can be resolved through negotiation rather than litigation.  To that end he is a practitioner of Collaborative Family Law, and an experienced family law negotiator.  Patrick also helps people entering into new relationships by preparing prenuptial or marriage contracts.

Patrick has worked as counsel for the Ontario Office of the Children’s Lawyer representing children, and as a staff lawyer for Legal Services of BC.  Most recently he was a sole practitioner in Ontario.

When not assisting people with their family law issues, Patrick can be found during the warm months golfing, or camping and fishing.  In the winter he curls and plans to take-up skiing again.


  • Resolving family law disputes by negotiation or litigation
  • Practitioner of Collaborative Family Law
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301 – 1665 Ellis Street Kelowna BC V1Y 2B3