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Collaborative divorce lawyers are lawyers who understand the dynamics that families experience when they face a transition in their relationship or family. Their goal is to support you with legal information and advice, and work with you, your spouse and the other professionals in the Process to find a resolution that meets the needs of you and your spouse. The Collaborative divorce lawyers will model respectful communication, guide you through gathering information, exploring options, and finding a combination of those options that work best for you and your family. The professionals work as a team, preparing together in advance of the Team meetings with clients, to make sure that the Team meetings with clients are as successful as they can be. Rather than approaching discussions from a position, or advocating for their client in an adversarial way, the lawyers share information and discuss the options openly and transparently, together with the clients. In this way, the agreements reached are thorough, well-reasoned, and durable.

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Taryn Moore, , LLB

Lawyer Pushor Mitchell LLP
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Taryn is a member of Pushor Mitchell’s Family Law Group who provides family litigation services within a Collaborative Practice approach. Her top client priorities are clear communication, compassion and accessibility, and she considers a trusting relationship with her clients the single most important aspect of a good law practice.

Clients who need resolution to their family law issues, either through the court system or by alternative approaches such as mediation, rely on Taryn to help guide them towards their goal. She assists clients throughout the entire separation and divorce process, including the division of family assets and numerous issues related to child custody, access and guardianship. She shares her clients’ focus on ensuring a bright future for themselves and their family.

Taryn also helps clients who are just beginning the process of entering married life. She assists with the conversations and focuses on the issues involved in drafting co-habitation, pre-nuptial and marriage agreements, based on her belief that talking about and planning for potential developments ahead of time can help prevent marriage problems from developing down the road.

Taryn is active in both the legal profession and the Okanagan Valley area. She is an active member of the Canadian Bar Association and a former executive member of the Kelowna Bar Association. Within the local community, she volunteers with the Salvation Army Pro Bono Legal Clinic and is a member of the UBCO Behavioural Ethics Research Board.

Born and raised in Kelowna, Taryn enjoys running, walking and yoga. As much as she enjoys the outdoors, however, she is happiest when spending time with her family.

*Providing services through a law corporation.

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401-1665 Ellis Street Kelowna BC V1Y 2B3 Canada