Collaborative Financial Professionals

Collaborative Financial Professionals are accountants, financial advisors and chartered business valuators who work as part of your team to resolve any financial issues. Collaborative Financial Professionals help you plan a fair distribution of your assets for the long-term security of your whole family. They help you get an accurate picture of your current financial situation and choose the best financial options for your future.  Some of the areas Collaborative Financial Professionals can help you with include:

  • Gathering all the financial information so you have all the facts and nothing is hidden
  • Educating the partner with less financial knowledge
  • Identifying tax issues
  • Determining the fair market value of your business
  • Determining spousal and child support amounts
  • Preparing a fair division of assets
  • Creating a budget and retirement plan
  • Planning debt repayment
Photo of Sharla Schofield BA, BSW, MEd, RCSW

Sharla Schofield, BA, BSW, MEd, RCSW

Child Specialist and Divorce Coach
Work 200 – 347 Leon Avenue Kelowna Kelowna BC V1Y 8C7 Canada Work Phone: 250-212-3220


I see my role of child specialist/advocate as being in the arena closest to everyone’s heart, therefore often the most challenging for families in their restructuring after separation/divorce. I have over thirty-five years experience working with children and families in multiple modalities and settings to draw from as I strive to bring the voice and needs of children to the table. The process of looking at their experiences, needs and perspectives often brings the information from which stalemates are broken and wisdom gained in the larger collaborative team setting. The knowledge, skills and training in children’s development and mental health issues that I offer provides the ability to address the needs of the most important participants in the process of divorce. The design, implementation and revision on an ongoing basis of co-parenting plans is an integral part of the tasks facing families in acting in the best interest of the children throughout their development post-divorce.


More than 35 years experience in Adult, Child and Family Counselling
Work in Community Agencies, Mental Health, Hospitals, and Schools
Certificate in CBT for Anxiety, OCD and Depression
Training in Trauma Therapy
Training in Couples and Family Therapy
Child Development and Parenting
Hear the Child Reports Training
Focus on examining ingrained patterns in relationships


“Non-evaluative Child Interview Training with Dr. Mary Korpach and Arlene Henry Q.C.”

October 15 & 16, 2020

Lynn Lyons Certificate Course on Helping Anxious Kids”, Online Course 2019-2020, Lynn Lyons, 19 credit hours

“The  Mindsight Approach for Children and Adolescents: Integration Techniques for the Mind and for the Developing Brain” Dr. Daniel Siegel, 20 credit hours.

“New Ways for Families-2 Day Advanced Training with Bill Eddy”, April 2018

“Shifting from Judgement to Curiosity in Collaborative Practice”, Jacinta Gallant, OCFLG Winter Retreat, April 6&7, 2017

“Assessments & Interventions:   The Intersection of Family Law and Psychology”, CLEBC, March 10-11, 2016

“Promoting Resilience in Stressed Families:  Understanding adult stress, childhood development, and how these impact the work we do”, with Gabor Mate, B.C. Collaborative Roster Society, September 16, 2015, Vancouver, B.C.

International Association for Collaborative Professionals Conference, October 24-26, 2014, Vanouver, B.C.

“Parenting after Separation: Addressing Controversies in a Shifting Landscape”, Joan Kelly, Sept.29, 2014, Vancouver, B.C.

“Listening to Children’s Voices in Separation and Divorce Processes”, with Joan Kelly, Sept,30, 2014,              Vancouver, B.C.

“Treating Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents”, with Reid Wilson & Lynn Lyons, April 14, 2014, Kelowna, B.C.

“Family Violence Screening Training for Dispute Resolution Professionals”, CLEBC June 17 & 18, 2013

“How Integrative Law is Reclaiming the Healing Heart of Legal Practice”, with Pauline Tesler, March 4, 2013.
“Keeping Parenting Coordination Cases On Track”, with Matthew Sullivan, Ph.D., Sept.19&20, 2012, Vancouver, B.C.
“High Conflict Families: The Parenting Coordinator Solution”, Joan Kelly Ph.D., April 19-20, 2012
“Helping Children and Parents Cope with Divorce: Research Updates and Implications for Practice and Child Alienation: Challenges and Remedies”, Joan Kelly Ph.D., April 18, 2012
Family Law Mediation Level II, CLEBC, January 16-18, 2012
Family Law Mediation Level I, CLEBC, November 23-25, 2011
“Toxic Divorce: Concepts, Understanding and Powerful Strategies For Alienated Parents and Professionals”, Kathleen M. Reay, Ph.D., Nov. 5, 2011, Penticton, B.C.
OCGLG Workshop Retreat with Nancy Cameron, January 30-31, 2011
Collaborative Family Law Training, Washington Collaborative Law Group, March 24-26, 2010.
Hear the Child & The Child Interview Process, Children’s Participation in the Family Justice Processes, Continuing Legal Education of B.C., Nov. 18-20, 2009

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200 – 347 Leon Avenue Kelowna Kelowna BC V1Y 8C7 Canada