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Collaborative Child Specialists

Child Specialists are experienced, registered professionals with specific training in child psychology and development as well as the collaborative divorce process and working with families in transition. The focus of the Collaborative Child Specialist is the emotional and practical needs of each child involved in the separation/divorce. Their role is to work with the parents to design parenting plans that best identify and meet the needs of the child as the family evolves through the divorce process. They work to minimize parental conflict and facilitate communication between parents. The goal is to assist parents to maximize the security, stability, and feelings of being loved and significant for the overall emotional well-being of the child. The involvement of the Collaborative  Child Specialist allows for the design, and redesign, of agreed upon parenting plans without Court. The Collaborative  Child Specialist assists parents to meet the changing needs of their child as the child grows and develops to allow for the full potential of the child to be achieved in an atmosphere of lessened or eliminated conflict. It is a customized and informed approach to the development of parenting plans.

Photo of Andrew Portwood

Andrew Portwood

Divorce Coach, Child Specialist

Separation and divorce are incredibly emotional and challenging events in the lives of children and parents alike. Over my years of work I have seen far too often what occurs emotionally and psychologically for many family members when this process is not supported in a knowledgeable and healthy manner. Social challenges at school and home, appearance of aggressive and/or depressive behaviours, and reduced ability to work through everyday challenges are only a few of these potential difficulties.…

Photo of Sharla Schofield , BA, BSW, MEd, RSW, RCC

Sharla Schofield , BA, BSW, MEd, RSW, RCC

Child Specialist and Divorce Coach

I see my role of child specialist/advocate as being in the arena closest to everyone’s heart, therefore often the most challenging for families in their restructuring after separation/divorce. I have over thirty-five years experience working with children and families in multiple modalities and settings to draw from as I strive to bring the voice and needs of children to the table.…

Photo of Joan Spence , M. Ed, BA. Child & Youth Care

Joan Spence , M. Ed, BA. Child & Youth Care

Registered Clinical Therapist

Hello, I am a Registered Clinical Therapist specializing in Life Transitions. Separation and Divorce can be an overwhelming time for individuals and their families. A collaborative practice provides a different way to divorce that supports families by minimizing the impact of conflict on you and your children. My advanced training in Mediation, Parenting Coordination, Gottman Emotion Coaching: The Heart of Parenting, Expressive Play Therapy and The Satir Family Systems guides my practice as a Divorce Coach and Child Specialist.  …

Iris Wagner


Crowning Life Consulting Inc. (Supervised Parenting Time) offers supervised parenting time, therapeutic visitations and supervised exchanges to families involved with separation, divorce and custody concerns.

Crowning Life endeavours to provide a child-centred, neutral, safe opportunity for contact between children and their parents.

Crowning Life utilizes a strength-based approach with families and facilitates opportunities for children, parents and/or family members to preserve or reconstruct caring relationships.…