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Collaborative Family Law Agreements

spousal-handshakeWhen you choose a collaborative divorce, you will be asked to sign a Participation Agreement that outlines the process’s values and principles as well as your commitment to the collaborative divorce process.  The agreement is signed by you, your spouse and the other professionals on your Collaborative Team.

The success of Collaborative divorce is built on this agreement and your commitment to:

  • Stay out of court,
  • Communicate openly and with respect,
  • Disclose all relevant information promptly,
  • Keep negotiations confidential,
  • Hire new lawyers and start over if you do decide to go to court,and;
  • Not use any disclosed information against each other if you go to court.

Downloadable Participation Agreements

Below are participation agreements, in PDF format, corresponding to each of the collaborative professional specialties:

To get started with a collaborative divorce, contact a collaborative professional in our member directory.

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Find a Collaborative Professional