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The Okanagan Collaborative Family Group started as a multidisciplinary group in 2002.  Many counsellors, financial specialists, and family law lawyers, who have worked with families experiencing the changes that come from separation and divorce, heard about the Collaborative Process and recognized how this Process can positively support those families in transition.  Working together, the Divorce Coaches, the child specialist, the financial specialists and the lawyers can help the clients find new ways to communicate with each other, enhance their co-parenting skills, and work through financial solutions that best meet the needs of all of the parties.

We are not an incorporated body, but an association of Divorce Coaches, financial specialists, child specialists and lawyers who work together in Collaborative Practice with our mutual clients.

Each year, we nominate members to act as the Executive for our Group, whose shared responsibility is the planning for group meetings, activities, education, and promotions throughout the year.  Our goal is to grow the general knowledge of Collaborative Process in our communities, to advance the skills that our professionals use in the Process, and offer our clients a healthier, more satisfying Process to support them as their family changes as a result of separation or divorce.

The Group has a number of standing and ad hoc committees dealing with Membership, Marketing and Promotion, Retreat and Training, Planning and Priorities, and Materials Development.  Members are encouraged to join a committee, so that the work of the Group is shared and with experience, Members can move into the Executive roles.

The Okanagan Collaborative Family Law Group has members from Penticton in the South Okanagan to Vernon in the North Okanagan.

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