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General Meetings

We offer approximately four General Meetings throughout the year for our members.  The General Meetings are structured to include some social time, so that members can get to know each other and start to create the trust-relationships that are required in the Collaborative Process, particularly across disciplines.  Through guest speakers’ presentations, skill-building exercises or discussion points, the General Meetings assist in improving our knowledge and skills in the Collaborative Process.

Brown Bag Lunch / Book Study

Approximately every second month, a member will host an informal bring-your-own brown bag lunch to his or her office, and lead a discussion based on a short, focused practice point, or an article or book that relates to Collaborative Practice. This is also an opportunity for members to share learning opportunities through informal Q & A. This is a good opportunity for a possible new member, who is interested in getting a sense of what the group might offer, to attend and join the information session.

Study Groups

We have approximately six Study Group sessions each year for our members. The Study Group topics offer knowledge-based professional development. The Study Groups offer a longer time, either 2 or 4 hours, to delve into more complex topics such as the new Family Law Act (2013) or financial structures such as Family Trusts.

Annual Retreat

collaborative family law group activities

Each year, the Okanagan Collaborative Family Law Group hosts a two-day get-away for members, and interested members, to spend more quality time in focusing on Collaborative Process.  Guest speakers or facilitators offer new learning tools for the entire group.  During ‘free time’ the members can get to know each other better, which enhances their ability to work as a team together with their mutual clients in the Process.  This is a good opportunity for a possible new member, who is interested in joining the Group, to attend and participate in the learning and connecting with Collaborative professionals.

Community Participation

Members are encouraged to seek out speaking opportunities to advance and promote Collaborative Process.  To date, various members have the promoted Collaborative Process at groups including the Canada Revenue Agency, the University Women’s Club, the Okanagan Estate Planning Group and many others.  We also hold public information sessions from time to time.  Contact one of the Executive if you would like to have a presentation at your group.

Since 2013, the members have volunteered from time to time with the Gospel Mission in Kelowna, providing a service to the community while giving the members the opportunity to work together preparing and serving meals.

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