Financial Advice for Divorcing Couples

//Financial Advice for Divorcing Couples

Financial Advice for Divorcing Couples

Anna-Marie RasmussenKelowna’s Anna-Marie Rasmussen of Investors Group was featured in the January edition of Investment Executive for financial advisors.

In the article Rasmussen offers several suggestions for financial advisors working with divorcing couples:

  1. Rasmussen suggests that financial advisors find another advisor in their office for one of the divorcing partners. She notes that often one of the two have little idea how budgeting and finances work and the advisor can fill that gap.
  2. Rasmussen counsels that financial advice has to be provided carefully so as not to hide assets or make them difficult to divide. She says that often assets aren’t available from the divorce for 6 to 12 months.
  3. Rasmussen suggests that financial advisors ask couples to consider mediation or collaborative family law to save costs, save time, and produce more satisfactory emotional outcomes.
  4. Finally, Rasmussen reminds financial advisors not to offer legal advice.

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